A Message From Our Chairman

Relationships created on one project should be nurtured and sustained for a lifetime of projects.

As a young man, my parents instilled this ethic in me and it spills over into my business philosophy today.

Eleven Western Builders, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business. I started the business with my father, initially acting as the general superintendent and managing all aspects of field operations.  As the company grew, so did my presence, where I provided estimating and corporate operational oversight.  Now, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, I assume full responsibility and authority for Eleven Western Builders, Inc.  I’m active in all corporate operations, and I stand behind my word.

For over three decades, we have remained a family-owned-and-operated business, and continue to stress the importance of sustained customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships with clients, potential clients, subcontractors, and other industry professionals to all Eleven Western Builders’ team members.

While our construction staff is doing their jobs, Eleven Western Builders’ Business Development Division works hand in hand with all aspects of construction operations, providing valuable feedback about our clients and how we serve them.  We take great pride in working first to ensure existing client needs are exceeded; and only then do we seek out new business opportunities. The highest importance is placed on building ethical and moral alliances and incorporating sound business practices on all projects bearing our company name.

You can count on my pledge to anyone considering using our services:  At Eleven Western Builders, we will treat you with respect, work to establish your trust, staff your project with skilled personnel, and perform the highest level of service necessary to complete your project beyond your expectations.  We are in the business of building more than buildings; we want to be your building partner for life.

— Rick Backus, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer