Adam Yeager

Business Development Manager

Adam was born and raised in Southern California. We don't have an exact location, but what we do know is, "it wasn't the fancy parts!" He enjoys riding his Harley with his fiancé, golfing, fishing, hunting, hiking with his pup, and every now and then, he finds time to go distance target shooting.

Adam has worked in marketing, sales and business development his entire career. He's sold hydraulic and pneumatic fittings for landing gear structures and fuel transfer assemblies. He's sold cables and connectors for missiles and fighter jets. But wait... there's more!

He used to sell his own services in a plumbing and HVAC contracting business, and he sold Architecture and Engineering services along with some other products and services.

A fun fact about him is that he has a bullet fragment lodged in his left hand, and a statement from Adam that is not up for debate is "My dog is better than your dog and I don’t care what you say!"

His favorite food is sushi and a typical workday goes as follows: "Step 1: Find the opportunity. Step 2. ... ... ... Step 3. PROFITS! Here are a few words from the man, himself:

"I love to sell and even more than that, I love the relationships that come to fruition as a result of being successful in my work! I don't sell for anyone or anything though. I've worked only for companies with which I truly believed in the product I was selling. And man do I believe in EWB! I've been fortunate enough to know many of the people here prior to my arrival and I know the talent and character of this company. I feel blessed and humbled to be here and I am going to sell the heck out of Eleven Western Builders because I believe in the company, the product and most importantly, the people.

As I mentioned earlier, I was fortunate enough to know many of my new coworkers prior to my arrival. I truly appreciate the warm welcome and support I received from everyone when coming over, and I look forward to growing with each and every one of you as we build for the better together."