Adriana Sotelo

Safety Administrator

Adriana comes from the small town of Highland Park in Los Angeles, California. She made the move to Escondido just last year and is excited to start her career with Eleven Western Builders.

A typical day for Adriana begins bright and early at around 4 AM with a daily workout at the gym. After her morning exercise, she heads home for a healthy breakfast before starting her workday. This disciplined routine reflects her dedication not only to her professional role but also to her personal well-being.

Adriana loves to go roller skating, the first of her two provided fun facts. Additionally, she loves literally all types of animals – no favorites… just all of them. Her favorite place to be is anywhere that nature calls her to be, which is often on a hike somewhere beautiful.

When it comes to food, some of her favorites include pomegranate, most spicy snacks, and just about anything “fresh and light”. Lastly, one final thing Adriana would like everyone to know is that she may come off as shy at first, but once you get to know her, it’s quite different.