Ahmed Elebyany


Ahmed was born and raised in Egypt by the pyramids, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. As a child, he enjoyed swimming and playing soccer. Now based in San Diego, Ahmed has built a fulfilling career as an Estimator, while also pursuing his passions in flying, coaching soccer and swimming, and even trying his hand at stand-up comedy. He is also a proud parent and educator, and enjoys spending time with his large and loving family.

Ahmed's fun-loving personality shines through in everything he does. He really likes snacking throughout the day and he has a playful sense of humor, joking that he will be the first person aliens exhibit to monitor human snacking habits. He also enjoys watching movies, and considers The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part I (in that order) to be the two best movies ever made. With his contagious zest for life and wide range of interests, Ahmed is always up for trying new things and making the most of every day.