Brett Backus


Brett Backus started working in the construction industry at 14 years old. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Brett initially joined the construction industry because he enjoyed working outside and enjoyed the physicality of the job. Now, Brett is a CA Licensed General Contractor and is most intrigued by the ever-changing nature of the construction industry and the challenges brought on by each new project.

Brett has been with Eleven Western Builders since 2002, pushing a broom at age 14 and working his way through the ranks of being a Site Laborer, Mill Shop Carpenter, Project Engineer, Assistant Estimator, Project Manager and Estimator.

In 2018, he became EWB’s Director of Business Development where he fostered new business relationships, ensured existing client satisfaction, and worked with our marketing team to spread brand awareness and manage communication between our organization and the public.

Even after becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Eleven Western Builders in 2021, Brett continues to play a critical role in Business Development as he guides the company down the path of success.

Outside of the office, Brett enjoys spending time with his wife, April and two daughters, Roslyn and Jade. With the exception of “family first”, when he isn’t golfing, Brett enjoys spending time on the water catching waves and catching fish.