Bruce Tiffany


Bruce Tiffany is one of our newly hired Superintendents here at Eleven Western Builders. Originally from La Canada, California, Bruce spent his youth playing sports, particularly football and baseball. Today, he lives in Murrieta, California, where he finds joy in just about any recreational activity that keeps his competitive spirit alive like his men’s softball league.

Known for his outgoing nature and tendency to crack a joke here and there, Bruce likes to keep things light and would call himself “easy going” and easy to have a conversation with. His favorite place to be is in Idaho, taking in the scenic landscapes. When it comes to his favorite foods, nothing beats the combo of burgers and beer. A typical day for him revolves around dedicated work in his Superintendent role, demonstrating his commitment to excellence. And, when he has the time away from work, he’ll either spend it off-road racing, playing sports, or somewhere in the great outdoors.