Charity Cobleigh

Contract Administration Assistant

Charity has been a local to the Sacramento area for the past 27 years but if she had to pick a "home away from home", it'd be Royal Oak Michigan, just outside the Detroit area.

She and her husband (whom some of us may know as "DanTheMan"), have raised eight beautiful children from 17 to 27 years of age. In the midst of her busy life as a mom, Charity still finds time to go out on mini vacations and adventures with her husband, hike the local mountains, kayak on the American River with her husband and children, and keep up with her youngest daughter's volleyball career.

A couple things to know about Charity are that one, if there's music, she's dancing and two, she's Depeche Mode crazy... and also the life of the party.

Her favorite snack is Pringles, but as for a meal, street tacos rank #1 as her favorite place to eat is conveniently called "Mas Tacos".

If you run into her at Mas Tacos, she'll likely have a skinny Margarita in hand, and if you run into Charity at Mas Tacos, and Depeche Mode comes across the speakers... you're in for a fun night.