Cheryl Morrow

Retail Services Coordination Administrator

Cheryl is from Joplin, Missouri and she is our Retail Services Coordination Administrator.

She was a Psychology Major but also went to “Candle College” with Houston based Wicks’N’Sticks as part of her training to manage four stores for a Dallas franchisee. She created a line of hand sculpted miniatures which she sold at craft fairs and to retailers from Texas to California and she was eventually recruited by a Rep Agency and her work was sold in several states, including California.

Cheryl also created a line of hand-carved, hand-painted fish and donated several of them to American Stores for display when they built their Tower in Salt Lake.

She comes from a long line of family farmers and Farm to Market Brokers – her family business supplied fresh and frozen foods to mom & pop  grocery stores and restaurants for years and years before corporate farms and giant distributors took over.

A few words from Cheryl…

“When I believe in something or someone, I dedicate myself to it/them fully – that loyalty started my devotion to the construction industry, brought me here and keeps me here.

My motto is “Never Be Denied” and comes from my early marketing days to remind me to put a confident smile in my voice and convey my abiding belief in who we are and what we do.

My home was destroyed by an EF-5 Tornado at 5:41 PM on May 22, 2011.  My mom and I survived by nothing but the Grace of God. EWB immediately embraced and supported us in very meaningful and caring ways – we will never forget the generosity and support.”