Chriz Lopez


Meet Chris Lopez, Superintendent for Eleven Western Builders. Originally from Riverside, California, Chris grew up engaging in various activities such as baseball, choir, and Boy Scouts. To this day, he still lives in Riverside and maintains an active lifestyle, as he enjoys running, hiking, and exploring the mountains.

Chris brings a lighthearted spirit to the team, boasting a repertoire of dad jokes. Between the dad jokes and the fact that he’s left-handed, Chris knows how to keep you guessing… but ask him about the shape of the earth and you’re in for a conversation. Let’s just say our grading subs will have no excuse for anything but a perfectly level surface when Chris is on the job.

A typical day for Chris involves diligent work followed by spending quality time walking his dog and enjoying the company of his children on the weekends. His favorite place to be is Running Springs, CA where he enjoys the beauty of nature.

When it comes to food, Chris has an unwavering love for oranges and can be found indulging in at least three of them each day. With an impressive background in epoxy flooring and concrete polishing spanning over two decades, Chris brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Beyond his professional life, he values his personal connections, cherishing a fulfilling and rich personal life surrounded by loving family and friends.