Dan LaSage

General Superintendent

Dan LaSage, also known as “Dan The Man (DTM)” is a Sac Town Original. Born and raised in Nor Cal, Dan found a place in Folsom, California, and has settled down and raised a beautiful family with his wife, Charity.

For fun, Dan enjoys bodybuilding, bow hunting, and date nights with his wife. But, when he’s out with friends, he always manages to sucker at least one of them into doing something wildly dangerous, because, well, why not?

A typical day in the life of Dan starts at 3:30am as he’ll get out of bed and prep for the gym at 4am. After the gym, he’ll head to work where he’ll typically spend 12 hours serving the EWB teams and associated teams the best he can. After work, he’ll head home and spend some quality time with family before heading to bed and getting a good night’s rest for the day ahead of him.

In the following order, Dan’s favorite places to be are one, anywhere holding his wife’s hand, two, at the gym, three, spearfishing, and four, solo bowhunting in miserable conditions. His favorite food is all his meal prepped chicken and rice but when it comes to a date night, nothing beats the outdoor patio at Plank Craft Kitchen and Bar in Old Folsom, California.

One thing he’d like to say is this,

“Since having liver failure following Covid, life has amplified with so many more colors, passion, and grace. It almost took everything and now EVERY DAY IS A GIFT, EVERY SUNRISE IS THE LAST ONE. I want every single human around me to experience this life how I see it. It is beautiful if we make it so.”

If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone read it?

“Hell yes, they would! If it goes fast or can violently extinguish your life… I’ve either done it, or I’m actively participating in or plan to partake in the future. Comeback after comeback is how my story goes since childhood. Defiance of mediocrity has gotten me here. And relentless determination will keep me here… Oh, and give me a follow on Instagram @danthamanlasage if you’d rather watch my story unfold.”