Dan Wallace

Director of Safety

Dan Wallace lives and breathes safety. Doesn’t sound safe to most, but Dan knows what he’s doing. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Dan is EWB’s Director of Safety. After making his way to California, he settled down in El Cajon, California where he lives today.

Construction is Dan’s version of fun. Building things, specifically working with wood as a carpenter is a passion of his. He used to be a Finish Carpenter, and to this day, still enjoys the art as he’ll make all sorts of things in his free time, including furniture.

One of his life goals is to visit all 50 states and he has only 4 more to check off the list. Along with that goal, he plans to visit all 7 continents as he’s checked off 3 already. In managing his free time, he likes to dedicate one day to building something and the other to a So Cal adventure – whatever the day might bring.

His favorite place to be is “by the water” and when it comes to food, he’ll skip to dessert and take ice cream any day of the week. Life for Dan can be summed up in one quote from Ralph Emerson Waldo who said, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”. The first time he read that quote, he was hooked, “let the journey begin! Enjoy the ride”.

As mentioned earlier, Dan lives and breathes safety… so keep that in mind when we tell you he once hiked across five miles of lava field to a cliff with lava erupting from below the ocean in Hawaii. For Dan, this was one of the most deeply felt experiences he’s been lucky enough to enjoy. He looks forward to making more memories like that and enjoying the journey.