Dorothy Sieckman

Project Manager

Dorothy was born in Kansas, but shortly after high school, she moved to California and spent her days cycling, swimming, hiking, and skiing. She lived in Carlsbad for some time and spent as much time as she could by the beach. Later, she moved to Colorado Springs because of the big construction boom that was happening. Before she knew it though, she found a job with the one and only EWB and moved right on back to California where she resides today.

She grew up playing baseball and to this day, has a strong passion for the sport. Her favorite place to be is in Rocklin and in Lincoln as she loves the unlimited sunshine they offer. Her favorite restaurant is actually in San Diego and it’s called Mona Lisa. In Dorothy’s opinion, their pizza is unique to them. Whatever they do with the cheese is perfection!

At one point in her life, Dorothy started her own commercial cleaning company and employed 85 employees. Eventually, she sold her business and decided it was time to go back to school to become a Project Manager. Her passions in life are these: People, connecting with people, meeting people, helping people, and building.

A quick note from Dorothy – “In my previous employment, I traveled 75% of the time. Construction in Canada, particularly in the mountains where the work was located, is a unique experience. They don’t have any Contractor’s Licensing Boards to do even rudimentary backgrounds on subcontractors, so you have to rely on word of mouth. I worked through below-freezing conditions and 110-degree + heat. That didn’t bother me. What I couldn’t get over was that the Canadians thought a good steak was made better by marinating it in maple syrup, and unfortunately, getting it without the marinade wasn’t an option!”