Electra Hendrickson

Contract Administrative Assistant

Electra Hendrickson was born in Seattle, WA, and moved to San Diego at the age of 11, where she has lived ever since. She enjoys spending her free time with friends, riding rollercoasters, and soaking up the sun at the beach. One fun fact about Electra is that when she was six months old, she contracted the Hong Kong flu and barely survived, with her parents resorting to giving her ice baths and feeding her only goat's milk and egg yolks to keep her alive.

Electra starts her typical day with prayer and meditation, accompanied by a cup of coffee, before heading to the office. After work, she enjoys a relaxing evening at home and dinner with her husband. Her favorite place to be is at the beach, with her toes buried beneath the sand. When it comes to snacks, Electra loves chocolate and enjoys a fountain diet Coke on occasion.

With a background in mortgage underwriting, Electra has decided to retire from that career path and pursue a contract administration role at EWB. Above all, she is passionate about her faith, with "Jesus being her reason". Electra's mantra is to always maintain an attitude of gratitude, and she is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the EWB team, where she hopes to be an asset to the company.