James "JJ" Marren

Procedure Writer

Meet James, or as his friends and family call him, "JJ." Originally from the Windy City of Chicago, JJ has lived a life full of adventure and excitement. Growing up, he was an accomplished athlete, playing both football and water polo. However, his passion for adventure didn't end there. JJ went on to play college football and later served as a US Navy SEAL.

Today, JJ calls the beautiful beach town of Pacific Beach home. When he's not hitting the gym at the crack of dawn, he enjoys hiking with his furry companions, Scout and Tilly, as well as swimming laps and skydiving. A true lover of the great outdoors, JJ finds peace and tranquility in nature, and his pups make the perfect adventure companions. In the evenings, JJ unwinds with a leisurely walk with his dogs, reflecting on the day's events. Despite his travels and experiences, JJ remains loyal to his roots and his favorite place to eat is Tuscany on Taylor Street in Chicago, where he can indulge in his love for classic Italian cuisine.