James Swanson

Project Manager

We welcome James Swanson to the EWB team as a Project Manager. James is from Sacramento, California, and will be working out of our Rocklin Office.

For fun, he enjoys playing with his kids, working out, and barbecuing with friends and family. He lived in Hawaii for 9 years, but according to James, he can "barely surf". Meanwhile, swimming in the open ocean with 50-plus sharks in close proximity... been there, done that.

A Typical Day for James starts at 4:30am when he wakes up, gets the kids' lunches and clothes ready for the day, and squeezes in a quick workout. Then he'll wake the kids up for school and it's off to work. After work, he'll head back to pick the kids up from school and he always makes an effort to do something fun with them before heading to bed and getting ready for tomorrow.

His favorite place to be is wherever his kids are, but the ideal place would be somewhere near the ocean with his kids by his side. Some of his favorite foods include Tangs Sushi and Poke bowls.

"I may look angry or mad, but I promise I’m a nice guy. Faith, Family and Freedom mean everything to me. I worked in industrial construction for 11 years and was part of building the world’s largest pump station in Louisiana... Also, I have the rarest hair/eye color combination in the world of red hair and blue eyes." - James