Janet Mescall

Project Accountant

Meet Janet Mescall. Janet works as a Project Accountant at EWB. Janet has been working in the construction industry since the 90’s and is excited to be part of the EWB family.

Janet was born on the grounds of Camp Pendleton and raised in Oceanside, CA. Today, she lives in Fallbrook, CA, where she enjoys spending quality time with her children, making cherished memories with friends, and basking in the sun at the beach. One interesting fun fact about Janet is that she’s maintained friendships with classmates from her elementary school. She even went on a cruise recently with five childhood friends.

A typical day in the life of Janet involves the juggling act of her work responsibilities and her role as the family's trusted taxi, shuttling her children to various destinations. Her favorite place to be is at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, and when it comes to food, tacos are her absolute favorite.

Janet is a people person who relishes the opportunity to work with and get to know new faces. Her children hold a special place in her heart, and her dedication to both her family and her work is truly admirable.