Jaron LaVine

Senior Project Manager

Jaron started his journey with Eleven Western back in 1998 and took a brief hiatus in 2015 before returning in 2019. He grew up in Valley Center, California before settling in Rocklin, California where he lives today.

In is free time, Jaron enjoys hunting, fishing, dirt bike riding, snowboarding, hiking, camping, skateboarding, golfing and cooking. There isn’t enough time in the day to do everything, but Jaron doesn’t let that stop him.

His favorite place to be is the mountains, his favorite food (aside from anything he cooks) is also a very full list. He likes steak, sushi, and most Mexican food. He has three children, he’s a twin and his birthday (along with his twin’s) happens to fall on the 26th day of the month… along with both of his daughters’ birthdays.

A typical day in the life of Jaron starts with coffee. After coffee, it’s time to take the kids to school, head to work, pick up the kids from school before finishing up the work day, hitting the gym and topping it all off with a phenomenal Jaron-cooked dinner.