Jasen King


Jasen grew up in Hood River, Oregon and spent his childhood playing baseball, hunting, and riding motocross. His love for baseball remained with him throughout his school years, and hunting remains a cherished pastime even now.

Today, he lives in Lebanon, Oregon and continues to enjoy hunting, alongside new interests like hiking and nature outings with his wife. A couple fun facts about Jasen are that one, he’s attempting to start a 3D printing farm and two, he traveled the country by motorcycle when he was younger.

Jasen's daily routine revolves around work, followed by shared moments with his wife—be it exploring local restaurants or spending time together in nature. His two favorite places to be are at church and in the outdoors, and his favorite food is Cajun style seafood. He spends as much time as he can with his wife, and he loves to see new places. He’s also a self-proclaimed food critic.

Jasen brings a valuable skillset to the EWB team as he has experience in carpentry, pipe laying, welding, and truck driving.