Jeanne Kleiter

Administrative Assistant

Jeanne has been working with Eleven Western Builders since 2012. She was born and raised in Escondido, California, and while at work, her mission is to make Vern happy. In turn, Vern’s mission is to make Greg, the President of EWB happy, and if Greg is happy, EWB is looking good. That said, Jeanne plays a pretty important role at EWB.

Today, she lives in the beautiful city of Poway near Old Poway Park and enjoys shopping, going to farmer’s markets, perusing craft fairs, and going window shopping.  A couple of fun facts about Jeanne are that she loves country music and hip hop, and she doesn’t do any of the cooking… that’s her husband’s job. Her favorite candy is hands down, the Peanut M&M’s but anything dark chocolate will do.

Her favorite place to be is Lewisburg, Tennessee in the company of her daughter and grandsons. She loves sunrises and sunsets and there’s just something so special about watching them from the beach. She enjoys the soothing sounds of the waves rolling in and there’s nothing better than feeling the sand on her toes as she watches the sunset.