Joe Winker


Joe is originally from Davis, California but currently lives in Rosemont. He used to go on runs for fun, but when covid came around, it was like he finally had the excuse he’d been looking for to stop running. Nowadays, he has fun not running.

He’s not a big fan of whiskey, but beer and wine… absolutely loves ‘em. A typical day for Joe is usually spent hanging with family and the dog and his favorite place to be is wherever they are. His favorite snack is a tie between beer and wine, but “Rim’s Deli” comes in for a close 3rd place as it has “the best hot pastrami in the world”.

A couple other things about Joe are that is first earned nickname at EWB was “Fire Cracker”… not surprisingly, and his dream job would be to own a no-kill shelter for pit bulls. He really loves pit bulls and believes they’re one of the most misunderstood breeds with the biggest hearts.