Justin Tennies


Justin was born in Half Moon Bay, California and lives in Roseville, California today. For fun, he enjoys going for runs, lifting weights, and swimming. Prior to joining Eleven Western in 2018, Justin wore many hats. One of his most memorable jobs was as a White-Water River Rafting Guide as he pursued that career for four years.

He lived in North Lake Tahoe for six years and he’s snowboarded at least 1200 times at this point in is life. A typical day in the life of Justin is spent at work in the first half of the day and with family when he gets home.

His favorite place to be is in the mountains, and when it comes to food, nothing beats the Panang’ Curry from Thai Garden in Auburn, California. One experience that he’s most thankful for having experienced was when he was 16 years old when he spent a month playing in a soccer tournament throughout Germany, Belgium, and Holland. No W’s to take home, but the memories were priceless.