Kameron Nelson


Kameron Nelson works as a Carpenter for Eleven Western Builders. Originally from Rancho Cucamonga, California, Kameron grew up playing sports and taking part in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and quad-riding.

Today, he resides in Oceanside, California and spends his free time at the beach and/or riding his e-bike. A good day for Kameron usually includes some form of productivity and some form of physical activity. Those two things are key to physical and mental health and success.

His favorite place to be is by the beach and some of his favorite foods include Al Toque Peruvian food, salmon, brownies and Skittles. He’s an eager worker who is already quite impressed with the work environment here at EWB. His passions include sports, music, and cars and if he had the time, he’d love to do more traveling.