Kasea Horn

Office Coordinator

Meet Kasea Horn, our Office Coordinator here at EWB. Kasea is a familiar face around the Escondido office, but she recently came on as a fulltime employee for Eleven Western Builders and we’re excited to have her.

Kasea was born and raised in Escondido, California and spent her childhood doing what any true San Diegan grows up doing as she spent many days at the beach with her mom. Today, she still calls Escondido home, finding joy in the company of friends while enjoying good food and good drinks with good friends. She's a fan of music festivals, and two fun facts about Kasea are that she's an only child and that she admits to having a bit of trouble with parallel parking.

A typical day in the life of Kasea starts with just enough time for her to get ready and get to work. After work, she likes to unwind by watching cheesy reality television. Her favorite place to be is at the beach or at home in her bed, and she absolutely loves Mexican food… the spicier, the better.

One last thing about Kasea, she used to work as a Manager at T-Mobile, so if anyone here has any questions about their phone plan, she’s happy to help.