Leon Benham


Leon Benham has over 30 years combined Project Manager and Estimator experience and has found his way to EWB to work as an Estimator. He grew up in Imperial beach and spent his childhood working at his dad’s surplus and salvage business in San Diego Bay. After traveling around the country, Leon eventually settled back down in Imperial Beach where he’s made a home for himself and his wife.

A couple fun facts about Leon are one, he has a large garden in his backyard that overlooks the Imperial Beach Estuary, and two, some of the locals at IB refer to him as “Farmer Leon.” A typical day in the life of Leon begins with a cup of coffee with his wife. From there, he’ll feed the chickens, feed the ducks, water the garden, and go for a run along the beach.

Leon’s favorite place to be is 30 miles offshore looking for kelp patties in hope of finding breaching tuna.  His favorite food is “fresh food of any kind”, and some of those foods that come to his mind when asked are pasta, sushi, and peanut butter with molasses and pieces of chocolate. He’s very close with his extended Italian family, he loves watching football, and he’s still a loyal Chargers fan, despite them leaving to LA.