Marisol Weis

Accounting Coordinator

Originally from Peru, Marisol is our newest Accounting Coordinator based in the Escondido office. She lived in New Jersey for 16 years before meeting her husband and moving to San Jose, California in 2016. She lived there until 2020 when she moved to Vista, California where she lives today.

Prior to her role with Eleven Western, she worked in banking for ten years and in a law firm for two years. She and her husband bought their first home in 2021 and have learned a lot and enjoyed the process of fixing it up and turning it into their beloved home. They installed their own floors and tile, painted the walls, and worked on all the little things like caulking, etc. and now it’s time to work on the landscaping!

For fun, she enjoys hiking, traveling, spending time with her husband and dog, and going shopping. Two fun facts about Marisol are that one, she simply cannot whistle no matter how hard she tries, and two, English is her second language.

A typical weekend for her is spent going on a hike with her husband and dog, trying a new food spot, working on the house, and taking care of her parents. Her favorite place to be is the Caribbean and she loves being by the ocean and taking in the views and sounds. When it comes to food, she enjoys trying new dishes, and chocolate is number one on her list in terms of sweets.