Michael Southworth


Michael grew up in western Massachusetts and lived there for 34 years. Fishing, boating, hiking, and working on anything with an engine is what he grew up doing.

He’s been involved in construction since a very young age as the field of work is in his blood. His father was a master electrician who later started a site work / landscape construction company. A little while back, Michael joined the carpenters union and graduated as a journeyman in 2017.

Today, he lives in San Diego and enjoys fishing, hiking with his dogs and traveling. He also has a thing for cars and landscaping his backyard. A fun fact about him is that he can name the make and model of any car instantly upon seeing it.

Along the lines of his interests, a typical day in the life of Michael (outside of the work week) is spent hiking with his dogs or landscaping his backyard. However, when the schedule permits it, fishing takes top priority.

His favorite place to be is in the woods and his favorite snack is popcorn at the drive-in. He’s dedicated and passionate about what he does and he always has a smile on his face. He takes pride in his work and values the effects of construction – whether it be the result of a finished job and the impact on a community or the brotherhood and relationships that were created through the process.