Nick Heid

Marketing Manager

Hey guys, my name is Nick and I’m the guy who wrote all these bios... so I'll take the blame for all the typos.

I’m originally from Santee, California, and to this day, I still live there and love it there. I’m Eleven Western’s Marketing Coordinator and my role, in short, is to promote the Eleven Western name, prove to clients why we’re qualified for the jobs we’d like to work on, track all sorts of internal and external data, all while eating all the snacks that Jeanne brings to work.

I believe in the company, I think it’s a great place to work, I think management is super approachable and in the right mindset, and I think we do some pretty great things here. If you’re looking to join the Eleven Western Team, I highly recommend and encourage you to apply here.

I grew up as the third of four boys and had a blast playing just about every sport I could throughout childhood and past college. In 2014, I started fishing from the beach and from that day on, I’ve literally been hooked. I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, until I started a website about surf fishing in 2019 and my career began.

Originally, it was just a hobby, but I started learning tons about content creation as I went about it with literally nobody but YouTube and the internet to guide me, and eventually doors began to open. In 2020, I opened a guide business for surf fishing in San Diego. Since then, I’ve taken on a couple freelance writing gigs, continued to guide, and I’ve watched my little website grow to be the number one resource for surf anglers on the west coast.

When I’m not busy at work for Eleven Western, I do my best to balance what seems to be another full life between friends, family, my girlfriend, and Surf Fishing In So Cal: my fishing/content creation business. My favorite place to be is at the beach; no single beach in particular, but I do have my favorites. I don’t travel much, but if I did, all my trips would be surf fishing focused. And, I rarely fish from boats as odd as that might sound… all from the shore.

I enjoy craft beer, spending time with friends, chilling by the fire, and playing a slew of different sports, both backyard and traditional. Some fun facts about me are that I hate spending money, I guided a client to catch a land-based record yellowtail from shore at 53.5 pounds, you can’t beat me at table tennis, I’d moss literally anyone, I love sunsets (especially at the beach), and I’m in a relationship with the ocean (also have a girlfriend of 7 years… she’s cool with it though).