Sergio Ledesma


Meet Sergio, a skilled Carpenter with over 14 years of experience. Originally from Mexico City, Sergio grew up attending school and playing soccer. Now residing in Valley Center, CA, Sergio enjoys watching movies in his spare time and loves to make people laugh with his jokes. His love for dancing and the beach is also evident, with the latter being his favorite place to unwind. When it comes to food, nothing beats a plate of enchiladas, which he enjoys savoring whenever he can.

Sergio is known for his dedication and hard work, both in his personal and professional life. His love for soccer continues to this day, and he enjoys playing and watching the sport whenever he can. His career as a Carpenter has seen him hone his skills over the years, becoming an expert in his craft. With his passion, work ethic, and good-natured personality, Sergio is a valuable member of any team he is a part of.