Stephania Coronado

Contract Administrator

Stephania is originally from Mexico City and currently lives in Carlsbad, California. When she isn’t working hard at EWB, she enjoys spending her free time outdoors. She likes hiking, surfing, camping, traveling and taking care of her plants.

Two things she’s known to do are sleep talk and randomly hum throughout the day. A typical day in the life of Stephania begins at 4:45am. First thing in the morning, she'll hit the gym. After that, she’ll work on her online classes before making breakfast and getting ready to go to work. After work, she’ll head home, go for a walk, and watch the sunset before making dinner and going to bed.

Her favorite place to be is in her mom’s kitchen and her favorite snacks include tortilla chips and salsa, tortilla chips and dip, and tortilla chips and guacamole. When it comes to a meal, nobody does it better than her mom, but if she had to pick a place to go out to eat, she’d choose Jeune et Jolie in Carlsbad. As for her favorite candy, anything with tamarind fruit or sweet and sour/spicy is atop her list.

Some other things to know about Stephania are that she lived in 6 different cities in Mexico during her childhood because of her parents’ professions. She’s the first in her family to become an American citizen and she’s a very good cook. She also has a fantastic sense of humor, but unfortunately, no one can attest to that.