Tony Anastasia

Safety Administator

Meet Tony Anastasia, our Safety Administrator here at EWB. Born and raised in the heart of San Diego County, Tony's childhood was filled with a mix of beach days, gym workouts, and quality time with friends and family.

Today, Tony calls Escondido, CA home, where he continues to lead an active lifestyle. Away from work, you can find him on the basketball court at 24 Hour Fitness, reading a good book, playing video games, or simply enjoying some time with his loved ones. Two fun facts about Tony are one, he's a twin, and two, he is one of nine siblings in his family!

A typical day away from work for Tony begins at the gym. He’ll get a workout in and play some basketball before heading home for a meal. The rest of his day might involve video games, personal growth, or a night out with friends. Tony's favorite places include the beach, the comfort of his home, and, of course, the gym. When it comes his favorite foods the list goes like this. He's a fan of tortillas, he loves enchiladas, and Phil's BBQ is tough to beat.

Tony is not only open-minded but also a proponent of thoughtful discussions. He values different perspectives as a new perspective can give insight as to how other think and process the world. Before joining EWB, Tony devoted three years to the San Diego Humane Society, displaying his compassionate nature. Additionally, he selflessly cared for his father in his final moments, showcasing his commitment to family. Tony's dynamic background, coupled with his passion for safety, makes him a valuable asset to our team.