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car going through the interior of a car wash construction

As a commercial construction company, Eleven Western Builders specializes in the development of various commercial property types. Some of these include quick service restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, hotels, and apartment complexes. Along with those sectors, Eleven Western Builders is notably recognized for its impressive resume in constructing car wash facilities.

Our approach is centered on cultivating cohesive teams that can address the multifaceted needs and expectations of our clients, subcontractors, corporate family, and community.

Car wash construction is certainly an area of expertise for us as our portfolio has grown to encompass more than 50 newly constructed car washes and numerous other tenant improvements and remodels. There’s a simple reason why we have become the leader in commercial car wash construction. We excel in crafting car wash facilities that not only meet but surpass expectations, leaving a lasting impact on both commercial and communal landscapes.

Soapy Joe’s Car Wash

The featured images above showcase one of our more recent builds for a client we’ve developed a lasting relationship with – Soapy Joe’s Car Wash. Located at 9650 Miramar Road in San Diego, California, this brand new Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is ready to serve the San Diego community.

For Eleven Western Builders, the opportunity to contribute directly to the growth of a fellow San Diego-born enterprise like Soapy Joe’s has been immensely fulfilling. We recognized the significance of our role in bolstering the local economy and enhancing the community’s infrastructure. This project stands as a symbol of our commitment to supporting and nurturing businesses within our own backyard.

Quick Quack Car Wash

Another valued client of ours is one by the name of Quick Quack Car Wash. Quick Quack Car Wash is a growing chain of exterior-only express car washes. Developed in 2004, Quick Quack has grown from a local car wash in Sacramento, CA to the fourth largest car wash company in the United States with over 200 locations nationwide.

One really cool thing about Quick Quack is their “Charitable Giving“. Quick Quack is a huge proponent of helping the local community whether it’s a charitable contribution or granting a wish and making someone’s day. Click the link above to learn more about what they do.

Eleven Western Builders is proud to have built or remodeled over 70 Quick Quack Car Washes with many more in the pipeline. It’s been an honor to share in their growing success and we look forward to a bright future for both them and us.

Gilly’s Car Wash

Not only do we build car washes for medium and large car wash chains, we’re happy to collaborate with companies of all sizes. Take for example Gilly’s Car Wash in Galt, California. This is one of two locations under the “Gilly’s” brand name.

Gilly’s found our track record impressive and they trusted us to be their car wash construction company. Gilly’s prides themselves on being “the finest eco friendly exterior car wash ever built.”┬áLike many of our existing clients, they recycle water and use solar, reducing power demand and promoting an eco-friendly business model.

Super Star Car Wash

Super Star Car Wash is yet another repeat client of ours. Super Star has locations in Arizona, Los Angeles (CA), San Diego (CA), Colorado and Texas. Eleven Western Builders has been fortunate enough to construct numerous car washes for this client in California as well as Arizona.

Much like Quick Quack Car Wash , Super Star Car Wash exists not only to offer car washes, but to give back to and impact the communities we serve in a meaningful and lasting way. These company’s often partner with local organizations, charity’s and individuals to support important causes and bring up their local communities. As their building partner, Eleven Western Builders is proud and honored to play a role.

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Included in this article are just a handful of clients we’ve built car washes for. With numerous new builds actively progressing and a growing pipeline, we value and look forward to growing our relationships with all of our clients and are grateful for each and every opportunity.

If you or someone you know is looking for a car wash construction company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! Feel free to contact our Business Development Manager by email at Whether you’re looking to do business with us or you just have a some questions, we look forward to hearing from you.