Subcontractor Relationships

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Eleven Western Builders’ Patrick Lindahl, contributed to the article “Do you feel you are losing touch with your subs?” for BidMail Share.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“You have to have skin in the game.” says Pat Lindahl, VP at Eleven Western Builders.

“In the old days, we use to send plans and shake a lot of hands as that was a big part of the process. Now, it starts with an email and a follow-up call.  The phone call is key and is what supplements the relationship. Within each company record in BidMail Share I can assign the point of contact per trade and keep notes on each contact from what job they last worked on to personal information about his interests. When our office makes calls we are always on a first name basis with several employees per company. BidMail Share’s contact management system is what keeps me organized and from forgetting the details. Subs like it when they feel like you know who they are and If you can mention something small about their interests (have you been fishing lately?) it goes a long way.

The thing is, you can either let technology estrange your relationships or use it to build and manage them. Sure, quarterly or annual luncheons and meet and greets are great. But the day to day is what is going to drive relationships deep and ultimately determine your success. If you don’t make calls and shotgun out mass emails, eventually you are going to be viewed as a spam. Today the skin in the game is the phone call while identifying the scope of work and establishing an edge .”

You can read the article in its entirety here.


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