Grocery Store Construction

grocery store construction

Last month we talked about what goes into building storage facilities. This month is all about the construction of grocery stores. While it might seem simple on the surface, grocery store construction involves many complex stages within the planning, design, and building of a project.

What Goes Into The Construction Of a Grocery Store?

The following are all crucial in completing a successful project: site preparation, structural construction, installation of specialized equipment like refrigeration systems and shelving units, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Who Is Typically Responsible For Building Grocery Stores?

Building a grocery store requires the expertise of specialized professionals known as commercial general contractors. These contractors oversee the entire construction process, from the initial design phase to the final inspection, ensuring that the project meets all safety codes, regulations, and client specifications.

construction project team for commercial general contractor
This chart shows the structure of a General Contactor’s Project Team. This team, through the direct supervision of the Project Superintendent, manages, schedules and coordinates a team of subcontractors to successfully complete commercial construction projects such as grocery stores.

They coordinate a wide range of activities and manage multiple subcontractors, including electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and carpenters. Each of these subcontractors brings their own expertise to the table, contributing to the seamless integration of various systems within the store, such as refrigeration, shelving, and power & automation.

Choosing The Best Contractor for Grocery Store Construction
Grocery Store General

Commercial general contractors who build grocery stores must possess a deep understanding of the specific needs of this type of retail space. Grocery stores require precise climate control to preserve perishable goods, robust structural designs to support heavy loads, and efficient layouts to facilitate both customer flow and stocking activities.

Moreover, these contractors often work closely with architects and retail planners to incorporate modern features like energy-efficient systems and sustainability practices.

By coordinating all these elements, commercial general contractors ensure that the final product is a functional, attractive, and customer-friendly grocery store that meets the high standards of today’s competitive retail market.

Eleven Western Builders: The Best Grocery Store General Contractor

With a proven track record of excellence in grocery construction spanning more than three decades, Eleven Western Builders, Inc. stands out as a leader in delivering innovative and high-quality construction solutions.

EWB services the Western United States and has offices located in Escondido, California (So Cal) and Rocklin, California (Nor Cal).

Take a look below at a tally of some of the grocery store construction projects that EWB has completed for their clients. These include ground-up builds as well as open store remodels and similar projects.

Eleven Western Builders Grocery Store Construction Stats
Eleven Western Builders has completed over 1000 grocery construction projects for various clients.

Established in 1983, EWB has completed over $1 billion in work across the western United States. The firm has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to quality, transparency, and client satisfaction, and is an expert in building grocery stores among other things.

What sets EWB apart is its comprehensive approach to construction management. From scheduling and quality control to safety protocols and design implementation, the team at EWB collaborates closely with clients at every stage of the project, ensuring that their vision is realized with precision and efficiency. This dedication to client-centric service has resulted in a remarkable percentage of repeat business—a testament to EWB’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Few Projects From EWB

As mentioned earlier, Eleven Western Builders services the Western United States. Headquartered in San Diego, California, EWB is capable of handling grocery projects of all sizes. Below are just a few projects completed in recent years.

Safeway Oakland

The images above depict Safeway #2870 in Oakland, California. The construction of this 49,000 square-foot grocery store was completed by Eleven Western Builders, Inc. in 2015.

Aldi Buckeye

The project shown above is Aldi grocery store located in Buckeye, Arizona. This project was completed by Eleven Western Builders from the ground up in 2021 and spans over 20,000 square feet.

WinCo Foods Elk Grove

Pictured above is WinCo Foods grocery store located in Elk Grove, California. This project was a full-store major remodel completed in 2023. The words “full-store” and “major remodel” should be heavily emphasized as this project spanned nearly 100,000 square feet.

Sprouts Farmers Market San Jose

Last on our list today is Sprouts Farmers Market in San Jose, California. Similar in size to the Aldi shown earlier, this grocery store totaled a little over 20,000 square feet and was completed in 2023.

If you’re interested in checking out some other projects that Eleven Western Builders has completed, head on over to our project portfolio. And if you’re looking to get in touch, feel free to connect with us by calling our main office phone number at (760) 796-6346 or by reaching Adam Yeager, our Business Development Manager at (714) 875-4871.