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Retail Construction Services at Eleven Western Builders, Inc. Retail Construction Services at Eleven Western Builders, Inc.

Retail Construction Services provides unique individual services to our clients, as well as support services to our Construction Division. Originally created to provide value-adding benefits to our clientele, Retail Construction Services has developed into an invaluable asset that specializes in projects including full open store remodels, large and small rollout projects, and store conversions. Retail Construction Services can expertly assist our retail clients to fulfill their need for fixture services, millwork and décor installation, refrigerated case and cooler box installation, and warehouse services. Our versatile team excels in projects requiring significant finish work and rapid turnaround schedules, often working in occupied spaces or in close proximity to other retail areas and related pedestrian traffic. Our clientele has come to rely on Eleven Western Builders precisely for this highly specialized work.

Open Store and Department Remodels

Our Retail Construction Services team understands that it is essential to complete your construction project without disrupting your customers’ shopping experience. We offer a flexible variety of project scheduling options to best suit our clients’ needs including night work and multiple shifts. Working closely with your construction team, store management, and operations team, we can create a customized schedule for each project in order for daily operations to remain consistent and sales to continue on target.

Rollout Programs

Rollout or Conversion Construction Programs involve remodeling or rebranding all or portions of a store repeated at multiple locations. Eleven Western Builders has managed dozens of rollout projects for major retail clients. Our team will provide pre-launch assistance including defining the scope of work, budgeting, scheduling, material procurement, and staging.  Throughout the construction process, you will have a single point of contact to coordinate all facets of the rollout program.

ADA Compliance Upgrades

Eleven Western Builders understands the importance of maintaining compliance with current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for our clients. Our team is well versed in the ever-changing regulations and the latest requirements, in order to guide your projects and ensure full compliance.

Fixture Services

Fixturing is a fast-paced, specialized portion of retail construction that requires an equally skilled team.  From preliminary project surveys, material planning, and procurement through final installation, Eleven Western Builders has the staff to oversee every component.  Services also include installation of interior fixtures, interior signage, and relocation of existing gondolas and gondola formations.

Refrigeration Services

Whether it is a brand new project, or relocation, restoration, or demolition and removal of existing walk-in boxes and cases, Eleven Western Builders’ trained staff manages all aspects of refrigeration services – engineering or installation – for our retail clients. Ask about our turn-key purchasing program.

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